COUGAR IMMERSA PRO Prix 7.1 Virtual Surround Gaming Headset


Immersa Pro Prix is a headset targeting at USB High Definition connection. The edition is born for PC games, targeting desktop or laptop gaming with high-end features such as 7.1 virtual surround, customizable lighting, a full software equalizer, strengthening sound drivers an upgraded 9.7mm microphone, it merges everything a PC gamer could ask for in a headset.

  • Reliable Wire Controls for Mic Mute and Volume Control
  • High speed USB connection
  • Customizable RGB Lighting; Full Software Equalizer through COUGAR UIX System
  • 7.1 Virtual Surround for Enhanced Immersion; Automatic Omni-Directional Adaptive Ear Shells
  • 9.7mm Retractable Cardioid Microphone

Warranty: 1 Year