Thermal Grizzly Hydronaut Thermal Grease Paste – 3.9g


  • Thanks to its excellent thermal conductivity, Hydronaut can be used in the overclocking sector, but it has been specially developed for users with large heatsinks
  • The convenient syringe makes this Thermal Compound very easy to apply and goes exactly where it should. CPU and cooling, GPU, LEDs, heat dissipating ribbed plates
  • Thermal Grease perfectly conducts heat, is safe, does not integrate with the processor; Thermal conductivity 11.8 W/Mk Thermal resistance 0.0076 K/W
  • Compatible not only with computers or laptops, but also with PS3 PS4 or PS5 Xbox 360, One, Series S and X consoles; It perfectly dissipates heat from Macbooks
  • Thermal paste Hydronaut does not harden and has high long-term stability; The paste does not need hardener, does not contain silicone and does not conduct electricity